Jude Alexander


Welcome! I’m Jude Alexander.

My goal is to bring more meaning and fun into your world by giving you playful tools that will enliven and strengthen your connection to your Family, your Life, and your Soul.

Play takes us out of ego-self, apart from time. It can unlock our authentic spirit. It opens the possibility of discovering new ways of being. Play in its many forms can spark insights, teach freedom, and present pleasurable moments.

I believe that the more completely we reveal our true nature, the better our relationships will be and the more positive our influence will be on society.

Whether it’s gathering around the game board, digging in the dirt, or experimenting with recipes. Play is an essential part of life.

Have fun …it’s good for the Soul.

Professional Bio

Jude Alexander is a tarot reader, author, teacher, and game enthusiast who has devoted years of study in the Mastery of Self.  She has a degree in Theatre Arts from Rutgers University in her home state of New Jersey.

She is the creator of The Tarot Game, published in 2010. The game, which comprises her 25-year tarot journey, combines classic, board game entertainment with the wisdom of the tarot. Her mission is to give others a playful environment in which to strengthen personal bonds.

She lives a grandmother’s playful life with her extended family in Northern California …a short drive away from San Francisco.

Jude guides transformational play for individuals and women’s groups via the web and personal appearance.


Divine Play Session #1 – Starter Game Learn more »

Get acquainted with the game in its capacity as a teaching tool.  You’ll have fun, meet a variety of tarot cards, soul enlivening questions and activities. Learn the basics of intuitive, tarot card reading, as Jude guides you through play of The Tarot Game.

Expect some insights and a few laughs. This session, which is perfect for students of tarot, is available locally or via video chat.

Divine Play Session #2Fundamental Game Learn more »

Play The Tarot Game with the specific intention of answering a key question.  Jude will guide you with forming your question and give interpretations of the tarot cards you encounter during game play. A full personal tarot card reading results from this game.

This session, which includes an option to receive a record of your reading by email, is available locally or via video chat.

Divine Play Session #3 – Essential Game Learn more »

Uncover your soul’s unique purpose in this in-depth exploration and play of The Tarot Game. Jude fully guides your game play, beginning with magical intention and spiraling around and through tarot wisdom. Arrive at game’s end with the co-creation of positive action-affirmations designed to move you forward on your life’s path.

This session, which is perfect for the earnest seeker, includes summary email with photos of cards, blessings, and a written plan.

It is available locally or via video chat.

Divine Play Events  – game nights, tea parties, & play-shops

cost determined by number of participants

Come together as a group for inspirational play. The Tarot Game is great for meetups, conferences and celebrations of all kinds. We may have a facilitator in your area. Ask us ».