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What’s Not In The Box – Tools For Playing The Game

The game comes with all sorts of pieces and parts. You’ll have dice to roll and polished stones to move along the board. There’s activity cards that focus on intuitive tarot learning and others that are just for a laugh.  There’s over 100 questions and storytelling prompts for the major arcana. The blessing coins that come with the kit are small, golden orbs with lovely and uplifting words printed on them.

You find all this inside the box. The rest is inside you.




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forming questions skills

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listening, the power of now

The Leading Cause Of Success

In the new issue of Recreation for the Soul, we explore CHOICE. It’s the small actions that we take that build upon each other and make the difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Upon waking in the morning, keep about 10 minutes or so to yourself. Be quiet and thoughtful. Let “bubble up” what is truly important to your success as a helpful, giving human. Now, what one thing can you do TODAY that serves that end?

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Oh, and inside the newsletter, please click on the link to the popular Tarot Rummy For Two – it’s my gift to you!

Have Fun…it’s good for the soul!

What do Integrity, Renewal, Loyalty and Adventure have in common?

They are all blessing coins that have been featured in our newsletter throughout the year. The “coins” which are actually durable golden-colored cardboard rounds are used during play of the Tarot Game. They act as rewards and encouragement. Imagine you have been asked to “tell us something about your mother,” having pulled the Empress card. This may create an emotional story that you share with fellow players. Then players may gift you with blessing coins…such as Memory, Love, or Protection.

In the new issue of Recreation For The Soul, we discuss and play with blessing coin “Passion.”  Take a look at it here.

Blessing Coins from The Tarot Game

Be in the World

Our monthly feature, Tarot Time asks you to name your most expansive desire. Step out into the World and grab new experiences. Have fun…it’s good for the Soul. Click here for the full newsletter.

Tarot de St. Croix

Adventure Awaits! [Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter March ’12]

Roxi Sim's painting of Spiral Spread

Adventure is this month’s theme. I thought of the time of  Spring Equinox and Aries that approaches. The Emperor, who is ruled by Aries is our Tarot Time exercise. He must take the lead. Your challenge is to discover your own leader moments.

In Lisa de St. Croix’s image shown in the newsletter, he is a builder. Joanna Powell Colbert also depicts him as such in her Gaian Tarot. Think of yourself as the builder of your life. Select from positive and joy-filled past experiences and build upon those for your future. Create the adventure of your own life!

Inside, Roxi Sim, creator of The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot shares a soul-enliven activity with us. You’ll also meet my 7 year old granddaughter who is just now discovering Tarot. I would love to see those of us with children and grandchildren open up to them this world of divine images and storytelling.

Enjoy the full newsletter here.

Have fun…it’s good for the soul!

Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter February ’12

In this month’s issue: We announce the birth of The Tarot Game’s baby sister…The Travel Tarot Game. She’s a hand made, self-enclosing, soft game board with 3 new tarot games to play.

The Travel Tarot Game


Also you’ll meet Divine Player Jaymi Elford, be asked to identify your loyalties and practice your devotions. Have fun! It’s good for the soul.


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Limited Edition: The Travel Tarot Game

New game from Divine Play

This new soft, self-enclosing game board is made with up-cycled materials and includes:

A companion book with instructions for 3 new tarot games, journal pages, & over 100 insightful storytelling prompts for tarot play.

PLUS: A Custom spread by Barbara Moore and Elemental correspondences by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The games play with any tarot deck!

It’s making its debut this weekend at Pantheacon in San Jose, California!


For more information contact me.

Amethyst Mahoney’s Valentine’s Day GiveAway

Amethyst has gathered together a number of Amazing and Generous Tarot Peeps … Visit her site for all the details at  Valentine’s Day GiveAway!

image by tarot de st croix

In addition to herself and yours truly, check out the line up!!

Barbara Moore

Theresa Reed

Mike Hernandez

Courtney Weber

Bonnie Cehovet

Louise Underhill

Robin Dalton

Michael Banuelos

James Wells

Dax Carlisle

Donnaleigh  de La Rose

Michael Denholm

When you enter your email address in the  sign up form below, you will receive my free gift to you (after February 1st)  for Valentine’s Day fun… I’m gifting a tarot game for two you can play with any deck!  (Sneak preview from of an e-book coming soon, by Divine Play Productions!)
Grab your loved one and a favorite deck and set aside a bit of time to play. It’s good for your relationship and for the soul!

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Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter January ’12


This month we explore what used to be fun, meet divine player Amethyst Mahoney and tell stories using Lisa de St. Croix’s  10 of Pentacles for inspiraiton.

See the full newsletter here.

Optional Layers Of Richness

The Tarot Game board

I was absolutely delighted that Barbara Moore shared her game story on her blog at Practical Tarot. She discovered, as many do, that there is “much storytelling and sharing of emotions and experiences”… the game can really take awhile to play!

This not to say that a faster game can’t be managed. If you are playing with more than a few people, I recommend each player use a three or four card spread only. In this way, the game play is completed in 1 hour or so.  In depth, larger spreads are wonderful for solo play or for two players.

Facilitating the game is an art. As Barbara noted in her story…players tend to look to their host for how to proceed.  She realized that by stepping back from managing the game,  “soon everyone was comfortable and letting their creative juices flow.”

There is no right or wrong way to play.  Rules and the pieces and parts of The Tarot Game are the foundation to get you started. I love how Barbara suggest ways to streamline the game, choosing or eliminating the various layers of the game.

See her game story in its entirety here.