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Our monthly feature, Tarot Time asks you to name your most expansive desire. Step out into the World and grab new experiences. Have fun…it’s good for the Soul. Click here for the full newsletter.

Tarot de St. Croix

Adventure Awaits! [Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter March ’12]

Roxi Sim's painting of Spiral Spread

Adventure is this month’s theme. I thought of the time of  Spring Equinox and Aries that approaches. The Emperor, who is ruled by Aries is our Tarot Time exercise. He must take the lead. Your challenge is to discover your own leader moments.

In Lisa de St. Croix’s image shown in the newsletter, he is a builder. Joanna Powell Colbert also depicts him as such in her Gaian Tarot. Think of yourself as the builder of your life. Select from positive and joy-filled past experiences and build upon those for your future. Create the adventure of your own life!

Inside, Roxi Sim, creator of The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot shares a soul-enliven activity with us. You’ll also meet my 7 year old granddaughter who is just now discovering Tarot. I would love to see those of us with children and grandchildren open up to them this world of divine images and storytelling.

Enjoy the full newsletter here.

Have fun…it’s good for the soul!

Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter, December


 Featured in this issue is the Ace of Cups from the unpublished Tarot de St. Croix. I’ve truly enjoyed my collaboration with Lisa. You’ll find more of her tarot images while playing The Tarot Game’s free demo.

Pair up with your spouse or good friend and try the tarot storytelling activity or the Fun 4 Soul game. I’d love to hear how it goes.

Oh and don’t miss a chance for great tarot giveaways this month. Details inside!

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Contest! Win A Signed Copy of The Tarot Game

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Here’s how:

Please help me get the word around that the game is fun for small gatherings & can make a great gift for a tarot enthusiast.

Share any of my posts about the game with your  facebook or twitter friends … or even create your own. I’ll ‘like’ or “favorite” your post when I see it which means you’ve just got a tally point towards winning. If I miss your share, please alert me.

The fan with the most action and variety through Nov. 30th wins the game.

Two conditions:

1.You must be a fan (click the LIKE button on FB page “The Tarot Game”)

2. You must be in the US to receive a game. Outside the US, win a 75 minute game reading via video chat.

What’s a contest without bonus points?   Comments on any existing posts regarding the game earns points.

Have fun! and thanks ~ Jude


What Do You Love To Do?


Once  upon a time I found a question. The question came from a wealthy and satisfied individual. He had written a book, sold many copies, and helped many people.

Here’s how I remember the question:

If you could do anything all day long without regard to making money or of anyone else’s opinion, what would you do?

Now, right away, you know that is a very good question! It hits at the heart of the matter. What would you do, if you could do what you love?

This was my answer (after following quite a number of steps the millionaire instructed me to take):

I play, learn, and teach spiritually-based,

self-refinement activities.

If you’d like to know more specifics on those soul enlivening steps, please do ask and ye shall receive. I’m happy to dig deeper with you and reconstruct the exercise best that I am able.

Meanwhile, back to my answer… playing in the realm of spirit is precisely what I find myself doing the most these days. I do specialty tarot readings with The Tarot Game; I am learning from some of the most fun and insightful teachers of our day (James Wanless for one. Theresa Reed for another. Joanna Powell Colbert for a third); and soon I will be teaching others to do what I do – facilitate the game for individuals, groups, and events.

I have been a tarot card reader for a quarter of a century. Never before has it been so fun and so effective.

It just doesn’t get better than this. I love what I do.




The Empress Is Wise With Knowing

Empress tarot card

Long ago, my mother once asked of me, when witnessing my purchase of yet another self-improvement book, “Jude couldn’t you write one of those yourself by now?” Well that gave me pause!

I just couldn’t seem to stop! I love a good novel, but there is nothing that compared to the lure of a really well written “this is how you be the best you can be” book. There are an extraordinary number of people on the planet writing books to help us understand and refine our lives.

It isn’t that each and every title offers something new. It is that each has its own voice and hearing truth in different voices touches the soul.

The Tarot Game is my voice, my contribution to the essential discovery of self. The pieces and parts of the game, if viewed separately, may not be original, but when combined with intent and fueled with desire, it delivers inspiration.

The object is to have fun, tell stories and create a personal tarot reading according to the “rules” I wrote. These smaller objectives serve the larger one ~ recognizing the truth of what is your soul’s unique purpose.

The Sun Was The First Tarot Image I Ever Saw

Sun card

It taught me this:  We must give the world the best of ourselves. Living more of who you really are helps others to do the same and that, in turn, inspires the next person. You see where I am going with this.

Each of our actions and inactions affects those around us. When you follow your unique soul’s purpose, a.k.a. heart’s true desire, it lights up the world in ways not yet imagined.

Please don’t hide behind what you should do or what you think you can’t do. Look in the mirror, directly in your own eyes, and say the following phrase (or a form of it that you create yourself)

I show who I am for the benefit of all.

Have fun with this positive, action-affirmation*. Use it often.

*positive, first person, present tense statement with an active verb.