Great Game For Like-minded Adults To Play

My Photo Last spring Magikal Musings played the game…

A unique concept, The Tarot Game consists of a game board, 78 cards containing keywords for each tarot card, 3 dice, 9 polished stone game pieces, 90 blessing coins, and laminated reading sheets that players fill out during the game.  In order to play the game a traditional tarot deck must be used.  The game does not come with one.

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 has been reading tarot for over 25 years. She is also a professional artist.

The Tarot Game Speaks

Koneta of New Paths Tarot gives voice to  The Tarot Game in this innovative review. She even discovers that TG (that’s what it likes to be called) wants to get out of the house and go to parties.


Landed on a Spiral, 3 of pentacles is in play...


“Listen” in on the whole conversation here.