Optional Layers Of Richness

The Tarot Game board

I was absolutely delighted that Barbara Moore shared her game story on her blog at Practical Tarot. She discovered, as many do, that there is “much storytelling and sharing of emotions and experiences”… the game can really take awhile to play!

This not to say that a faster game can’t be managed. If you are playing with more than a few people, I recommend each player use a three or four card spread only. In this way, the game play is completed in 1 hour or so.  In depth, larger spreads are wonderful for solo play or for two players.

Facilitating the game is an art. As Barbara noted in her story…players tend to look to their host for how to proceed.  She realized that by stepping back from managing the game,  “soon everyone was comfortable and letting their creative juices flow.”

There is no right or wrong way to play.  Rules and the pieces and parts of The Tarot Game are the foundation to get you started. I love how Barbara suggest ways to streamline the game, choosing or eliminating the various layers of the game.

See her game story in its entirety here.

James Wanless Plays The Game

I met James for the first time at Readers Studio in New York last April. His class “Fool to Fortune” resonated so well with me. He has an extremely positive attitude and unique method of working with tarot. Here’s what he says about The Tarot Game…


James Wanless

“‎The Tarot Game is a fun and effective training tool for learning the basics of tarot, and it challenges even tarot experts by having them actively perform the essence of the cards, which is very seldom done.”



~ James Wanless   http://www.SustainYourselfCards.com




It’s A Blast!

Susa Morgan Black is author of TaroTherugy, to be published soon by Tarot Media Company. She first played The Tarot Game in the lounge at Readers Studio 2011. Susa has created a number of variations for game play and is happy to share her ideas with you. Visit her at her website



Laugh and Learn

“Jude Alexander is the author and creator of “The Tarot Game,” a vibrant and interesting game that makes a vibrant and informative life of its own each time you play. Storytelling and Tarot are woven into a fun and educational fabric in this upbeat venue. Laugh and learn and experience Tarot and personal expression like never before.  The Tarot Game is both a stunning creation that is offered by Schiffer Publications professional.”

~Jordan Hoggard,

Author of “Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer”


Rachel Pollack Plays The Game

“Jude Alexander’s Tarot Game is a delight to play–lively, fun, challenging. In short, a genuine game.”

Rachel Pollack

author of Tarot Wisdom


A Family that Divines Together

“This game is a true original! It’s simple enough for non-readers to pick up but offers even seasoned readers a new way to experience the cards. It’s versatile enough for one person or a group, an adult or a child. It can be fast paced or slow, a long game or short.

I’ve played the game with my husband, our nine year-old daughter and our 6 year-old son. My husband had never used the tarot before but ended up creating a reading on his question as helpful as any professional! Our kids took to it with ease as well, having fun with answering questions about what the card meant to them and what they saw in it. My daughter especially liked the idea of the game being a way for her to use divination to answer questions like her mom!

Overall, I adore this game and the presentation of it is excellent. From the sturdy, professionally designed box and game pieces to the obvious years of knowledge that went into creating game-play, questions and explorations of the cards, The Tarot Game is a real winner!”

~ Molly McHenry, Happily married mother of two.

The Tarot Game Goes to Brasil

Pietra De Chiaro Luna takes the game to her monthly Tarot Tea.


Take Me To The Party

Donnaleigh de LaRose, of Tarot Tribe Radio Podcast  likes the game as a social event.