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A Family that Divines Together

“This game is a true original! It’s simple enough for non-readers to pick up but offers even seasoned readers a new way to experience the cards. It’s versatile enough for one person or a group, an adult or a child. It can be fast paced or slow, a long game or short.

I’ve played the game with my husband, our nine year-old daughter and our 6 year-old son. My husband had never used the tarot before but ended up creating a reading on his question as helpful as any professional! Our kids took to it with ease as well, having fun with answering questions about what the card meant to them and what they saw in it. My daughter especially liked the idea of the game being a way for her to use divination to answer questions like her mom!

Overall, I adore this game and the presentation of it is excellent. From the sturdy, professionally designed box and game pieces to the obvious years of knowledge that went into creating game-play, questions and explorations of the cards, The Tarot Game is a real winner!”

~ Molly McHenry, Happily married mother of two.