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Be in the World

Our monthly feature, Tarot Time asks you to name your most expansive desire. Step out into the World and grab new experiences. Have fun…it’s good for the Soul. Click here for the full newsletter.

Tarot de St. Croix

Limited Edition: The Travel Tarot Game

New game from Divine Play

This new soft, self-enclosing game board is made with up-cycled materials and includes:

A companion book with instructions for 3 new tarot games, journal pages, & over 100 insightful storytelling prompts for tarot play.

PLUS: A Custom spread by Barbara Moore and Elemental correspondences by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The games play with any tarot deck!

It’s making its debut this weekend at Pantheacon in San Jose, California!


For more information contact me.

Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter, December


 Featured in this issue is the Ace of Cups from the unpublished Tarot de St. Croix. I’ve truly enjoyed my collaboration with Lisa. You’ll find more of her tarot images while playing The Tarot Game’s free demo.

Pair up with your spouse or good friend and try the tarot storytelling activity or the Fun 4 Soul game. I’d love to hear how it goes.

Oh and don’t miss a chance for great tarot giveaways this month. Details inside!

See entire newsletter here.


Once Upon A Tarot Time

5 cards selected for Tarot story


When you play the Tarot Game and land on a STAR space, you may be directed to select 5 cards from the full deck. Beginning “once upon a time” tell a short story from the images on the cards. Try to read the story in the order drawn, however as a variation, you may rearrange the cards.

Here is one pass at a possible story in the images shown. What is your story?

Once upon a time their was a passionate leader, however his vision for his constituents had been blurred over the years. He was no longer sure that his personal convictions and beliefs were of any use. Deciding that fresh ideas were needed, he approached his son and gave him the charge of venturing out to engage with the world. In doing so, the young man found that what was truly valued were matters of the heart. He gave to his father the gift of remembering to rule from his heart and to invest in personal relationships.


The challenge in this activity is to garner inspiration from the images before relying on what’s been learned about the cards through book study. The first card drawn becomes part of the Game reading, the main points of the story become part of it as well. In this case, King of Wands is take for the reading, along with possible notes ” to lead others I need fresh purpose, to entrust others, and develop relationships.”

Give it a try with any 5 cards drawn at random – for best results use a deck you seldom look at, so that the images will be fresh. Let me know how it goes!

Play With A Tarot Deck And Your Imagination

Recently, I gave a tarot deck [Sun and Moon Tarot, by Vanessa Decort] to my 7 year old granddaughter. She was so very excited, my heart filled with joy immediately. I watched her open up  the deck and begin placing the cards out all over the bedspread. She devoured the images by telling mini-stories of each one. I didn’t record or make note of these stories, though now wish I had. It was just so fascinating to see that she saw life in them.

One particular I do remember is the Queen of Wands. For this one she said something like “she is so powerful and is going to hit the cat.” I was a bit shocked. As a tarot reader for over 25 years, I always consider the feline as a familiar to the queen. The animal is not displaying aggression, of course. It will be interesting to see what my granddaughter says the next time the card comes into view. (by the way, my darling is a great lover of animals from cats and dogs to dolphins and whales).

Here’s a game to play with any deck of tarot cards:

Object: To tell stories based on what you see in the card in order to learn intuitive reading.
Set up:

1.Shuffle a full deck and divide randomly into the number of piles that matches number of players.

2.Each player takes a pile and then flips the cards until a human figure is seen. Then stop flipping.

3.Each of the cards selected should be placed so all players can view them.
4.Set the rest of the deck aside.
1.One player points at a card and asks to any one other player “What are they thinking?”
2.The responder takes time to examine the imagery, focusing on the inner thoughts of the human figure in the card. That player then begins the story – long or short.
3.The player that told the first story then points at another card and asks a new player “What are they thinking?”
4.Play continues until all cards have been explored.

Express Yourself

“I am in the process of creating the TAROT DE ST. CROIX which has become a powerful tool for self awareness in the present moment. Synchronicities abound and I feel as if I am being guided on this journey. While I use my life as inspiration, the paintings are universal. It is my greatest wish that they become a tool for others on their own path of discovery.” ~ Lisa de St. Croix

Tarot de St. Croix

The Sun

One way Lisa expresses herself is through painting. Now, let her art help you show your true colors. Look at the imagery of her most recent work, The Sun tarot card. Let it inspire a story in you. Tells us who you are.

Here are a few questions from The Tarot Game  play  to get you started.

1. What gifts do you show the world and what do you still keep in the shadows?

2. What are you experiencing in this very moment?

3. How do you express yourself?

Alternatively, create a “once upon a time” story driven by the image you see. Who is this woman? Where is she? Why does she take this posture? What are her intentions?
Learn intuitive tarot card reading through game play. Immerse yourself in the colors, lines, symbols and story of a card to help define it for you. Place these gems in your tarot tool box. Later when The Sun comes up in a reading, one or two may shine for you to share.

Step Away From The Little White Book

Everything we need to know exists within us.

Tarot de St. CroixThink about all the writings from individuals expressing their gift to the world. Showing us how to do this or that, and demonstrating ways to improve our lives. You have this gift; a deep inner knowing of self.

This knowing extends to understanding the meaning in a tarot card.

I want you to look at the card shown and really sit with it and absorb the images, the colors and any detail that “sings” to you. Write a description of what you see in the comments below or in your own journal.

Read back what you’ve written. This is a valid definition of the card.

Practice this simple exercise often, especially with a new deck, to improve your intuitive skills.


Image by Lisa de St. Croix