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The Leading Cause Of Success

In the new issue of Recreation for the Soul, we explore CHOICE. It’s the small actions that we take that build upon each other and make the difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Upon waking in the morning, keep about 10 minutes or so to yourself. Be quiet and thoughtful. Let “bubble up” what is truly important to your success as a helpful, giving human. Now, what one thing can you do TODAY that serves that end?

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Have Fun…it’s good for the soul!

What do Integrity, Renewal, Loyalty and Adventure have in common?

They are all blessing coins that have been featured in our newsletter throughout the year. The “coins” which are actually durable golden-colored cardboard rounds are used during play of the Tarot Game. They act as rewards and encouragement. Imagine you have been asked to “tell us something about your mother,” having pulled the Empress card. This may create an emotional story that you share with fellow players. Then players may gift you with blessing coins…such as Memory, Love, or Protection.

In the new issue of Recreation For The Soul, we discuss and play with blessing coin “Passion.”  Take a look at it here.

Blessing Coins from The Tarot Game

Amethyst Mahoney’s Valentine’s Day GiveAway

Amethyst has gathered together a number of Amazing and Generous Tarot Peeps … Visit her site for all the details at  Valentine’s Day GiveAway!

image by tarot de st croix

In addition to herself and yours truly, check out the line up!!

Barbara Moore

Theresa Reed

Mike Hernandez

Courtney Weber

Bonnie Cehovet

Louise Underhill

Robin Dalton

Michael Banuelos

James Wells

Dax Carlisle

Donnaleigh  de La Rose

Michael Denholm

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Grab your loved one and a favorite deck and set aside a bit of time to play. It’s good for your relationship and for the soul!

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Once Upon A Tarot Time

5 cards selected for Tarot story


When you play the Tarot Game and land on a STAR space, you may be directed to select 5 cards from the full deck. Beginning “once upon a time” tell a short story from the images on the cards. Try to read the story in the order drawn, however as a variation, you may rearrange the cards.

Here is one pass at a possible story in the images shown. What is your story?

Once upon a time their was a passionate leader, however his vision for his constituents had been blurred over the years. He was no longer sure that his personal convictions and beliefs were of any use. Deciding that fresh ideas were needed, he approached his son and gave him the charge of venturing out to engage with the world. In doing so, the young man found that what was truly valued were matters of the heart. He gave to his father the gift of remembering to rule from his heart and to invest in personal relationships.


The challenge in this activity is to garner inspiration from the images before relying on what’s been learned about the cards through book study. The first card drawn becomes part of the Game reading, the main points of the story become part of it as well. In this case, King of Wands is take for the reading, along with possible notes ” to lead others I need fresh purpose, to entrust others, and develop relationships.”

Give it a try with any 5 cards drawn at random – for best results use a deck you seldom look at, so that the images will be fresh. Let me know how it goes!

The Tarot Game Speaks

Koneta of New Paths Tarot gives voice to  The Tarot Game in this innovative review. She even discovers that TG (that’s what it likes to be called) wants to get out of the house and go to parties.


Landed on a Spiral, 3 of pentacles is in play...


“Listen” in on the whole conversation here.

Rachel Pollack Plays The Game

“Jude Alexander’s Tarot Game is a delight to play–lively, fun, challenging. In short, a genuine game.”

Rachel Pollack

author of Tarot Wisdom


A Family that Divines Together

“This game is a true original! It’s simple enough for non-readers to pick up but offers even seasoned readers a new way to experience the cards. It’s versatile enough for one person or a group, an adult or a child. It can be fast paced or slow, a long game or short.

I’ve played the game with my husband, our nine year-old daughter and our 6 year-old son. My husband had never used the tarot before but ended up creating a reading on his question as helpful as any professional! Our kids took to it with ease as well, having fun with answering questions about what the card meant to them and what they saw in it. My daughter especially liked the idea of the game being a way for her to use divination to answer questions like her mom!

Overall, I adore this game and the presentation of it is excellent. From the sturdy, professionally designed box and game pieces to the obvious years of knowledge that went into creating game-play, questions and explorations of the cards, The Tarot Game is a real winner!”

~ Molly McHenry, Happily married mother of two.