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Recreation For The Soul ~ Divine Play Newsletter February ’12

In this month’s issue: We announce the birth of The Tarot Game’s baby sister…The Travel Tarot Game. She’s a hand made, self-enclosing, soft game board with 3 new tarot games to play.

The Travel Tarot Game


Also you’ll meet Divine Player Jaymi Elford, be asked to identify your loyalties and practice your devotions. Have fun! It’s good for the soul.


See the entire newsletter here.

Limited Edition: The Travel Tarot Game

New game from Divine Play

This new soft, self-enclosing game board is made with up-cycled materials and includes:

A companion book with instructions for 3 new tarot games, journal pages, & over 100 insightful storytelling prompts for tarot play.

PLUS: A Custom spread by Barbara Moore and Elemental correspondences by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The games play with any tarot deck!

It’s making its debut this weekend at Pantheacon in San Jose, California!


For more information contact me.