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The Empress Is Wise With Knowing

Empress tarot card

Long ago, my mother once asked of me, when witnessing my purchase of yet another self-improvement book, “Jude couldn’t you write one of those yourself by now?” Well that gave me pause!

I just couldn’t seem to stop! I love a good novel, but there is nothing that compared to the lure of a really well written “this is how you be the best you can be” book. There are an extraordinary number of people on the planet writing books to help us understand and refine our lives.

It isn’t that each and every title offers something new. It is that each has its own voice and hearing truth in different voices touches the soul.

The Tarot Game is my voice, my contribution to the essential discovery of self. The pieces and parts of the game, if viewed separately, may not be original, but when combined with intent and fueled with desire, it delivers inspiration.

The object is to have fun, tell stories and create a personal tarot reading according to the “rules” I wrote. These smaller objectives serve the larger one ~ recognizing the truth of what is your soul’s unique purpose.

Take Me To The Party

Donnaleigh de LaRose, of Tarot Tribe Radio Podcast  likes the game as a social event.