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The Sun Was The First Tarot Image I Ever Saw

Sun card

It taught me this:  We must give the world the best of ourselves. Living more of who you really are helps others to do the same and that, in turn, inspires the next person. You see where I am going with this.

Each of our actions and inactions affects those around us. When you follow your unique soul’s purpose, a.k.a. heart’s true desire, it lights up the world in ways not yet imagined.

Please don’t hide behind what you should do or what you think you can’t do. Look in the mirror, directly in your own eyes, and say the following phrase (or a form of it that you create yourself)

I show who I am for the benefit of all.

Have fun with this positive, action-affirmation*. Use it often.

*positive, first person, present tense statement with an active verb.

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